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Featured in the Summer 2015 Edible Cape Cod!

Bringing Italy to Cape Cod


In 2011, Hilary graduated college and moved to Tuscany, where she now calls home.  Wanting to share her passion for Italian culture, traditions, and lifestyle , Hilary and her mother, Lynne, opened Sapori d'Italia on Cape Cod.


The direct connection with Tuscany allows Sapori to continuously grow, evolve, and stay up-to-date with new products, the best wine, and news from the motherland.  Often, the products found in Sapori are produced by friends and colleagues in Italy.


Hilary now spends her time in northern Tuscany with her husband, Francesco.  Here, they have their Agriturismo, San Ottaviano; and brewery, Il Birrificio de'Neri.  Hilary and Francesco extend a warm welcome to all Italian travelers, and are personally involved in vacation planning to Tuscany.  See 

                    for more details. 






Francesco, Silvio the Pig,  & Hilary at Agriturismo San Ottaviano

Hilary & Francesco on their farm in Tuscany.


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