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Where do our products come from?

All of the products at Sapori are imported from Italy (except the occasional fresh produce and burrata because, let’s face it, they just don’t do well on transatlantic flights).

All of our artisanal craft products are hand selected by Hilary and Lynne in Italy (mostly Tuscany).  The local artisans that make our hand carved olive wood kitchenware, cotton linens, handmade ceramics and paintings delight in the fact that their work will be featured in an American store.

Many of our foods are produced or retailed by friends.  You will find cheese made my Guido and his 600 buffalo,  traditional Modena balsamic vinegar made by Giorgio in his family farm and coming soon, our very own beer, La Birra de’Neri, made on the farm in Tuscany.

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